Water Wells

Hope Foundation Trust (HFT) has focused its Safer Water initiative in Bangladesh which is noted for being a nation that is amongst the world’s most densely populated. Over 140 million people are crowded onto low-lying land where annual monsoon floods, raw sewage, chemicals, etc contaminate water sources and leave millions with appalling sanitary conditions.

Winter Project

We distribute essential winter clothing such as Blankets, hats, scarfs, shawls, and more.

We aim to keep the hearts of poor families warm through the harsh winter. Many poor families will face harsh winter weather conditions, and for the most vulnerable, it will be a struggle to survive the winter.

Income Generation Project

Whilst often most humanitarian charitable organisations and NGOs place due emphasis on alleviating immediate needs of the poor and destitute, the long-term sustainability of families and entire communities are overlooked.

The Income Generation Project aims to provide tools, resources and the teaching of skills to develop communities to become self-sufficient and independent.

Orphanage and School Complex

Our goal is to create a safe home for orphans and abandoned children who currently experience instability in the very core of their lives.  They do not have loving homes and are the most vulnerable in society, as they have no safety net, lacking proper nutrition, shelter and care.  These children come from various backgrounds and life stories – but the common thread is that all are in this situation as a result of poverty.

Medical Camps

HFT conduct annual eye cataract operations to restore sight for those who are unable to afford it.  This provides recipients with the basic but needy blessings of being able to see.  This is rotated in improvised parts of Bangladesh.

Emergency Aid

As and when required HFT responds to Emergencies by providing support to people in immediate distress to relieve suffering. We are there before, during and after an emergency to save lives and support people long term to recover from natural disasters.

Build a Mosque

Help build a mosque in your name or the name of a loved who has passed away.  This will provide vital space for men, women and children for spiritual growth and the fulfilment of their religious duties.

We urge you to become a HFT hero by donating £1,000 towards this or any programmes.  This will mean your name will be on HFT’s wall of HEROES.