Water Wells

Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war

World Health Organisation (WHO), Global Burden Disease Report, 2004

Hope Foundation Trust (HFT) has focused its Safer Water initiative in Bangladesh which is noted for being a nation that is amongst the world’s most densely populated. Over 140 million people are crowded onto low-lying land where annual monsoon floods, raw sewage, chemicals, etc contaminate water sources and leave millions with appalling sanitary conditions.

We ensure wells that are built is of the very highest quality and durability to withstand a lifetime of usage for between 15 to 25 years minimum (and above with adequate care and maintenance). Supplying fresh pure water from deep below the surface is unlike many of the alternative low-quality wells that can be built cheaply but after a few years the supplying water is substandard and often may become obsolete.

Understanding and reflecting on the high reward of building water wells for the destitute for drinking, cooking and cleaning and to reduce the suffering of water related diseases.  we at HFT pray that in keeping to our intention and commitment we are able to uphold the following aspirations:

  1. To identify, create infrastructure and sustain community relations within local rural regions of Bangladesh in which there is a severe lack of clean water, therein to partner and empower locals in the building of long lasting durable deep-water wells;
  2. To educate people in the importance of attaining clean safe water supplies in their lives for their health and wellbeing, sanitation, hygiene, agriculture, livestock, development, etc.